NeilMed rebates are a rip off!

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NeilMed has been offering lots of rebates and coupons.Well do not be fooled.

They really don't intend to pay you any rebate money. April 5 I submitted for a full rebate and as of June 13 I still don't have. Each time I call I have been told a new reason - and I have called 3 times. The last time I was told that they don't have enough checks and were waiting for them!

BUT the person assured me (Dominique at customer service 877-477-8633) that it was really mailed and I would have it before or no later than June 12. I give up NeilMed. Not calling again. You win.

You got me to buy one more naso spray that I didn't need at the time. But now you have lost me as a customer forever. Hope it was what you wanted. I am fighting tonsil cancer so this helped but money is a real issue too.

Good luck!

May others figure you out!Not fair.

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Thanks. I was going to try it with rebate, but I'll try someone else.


Ive sent in several rebates, never had a problem


I second the sentiment that neilmed rebates are a ripoff! We sent in over 200 (rebate at $3 each) and rec'd a check for $45 only. Not exactly what we expected


hey, i had a similar issue but i emailed to and it was taken care promptly.

On the good note, i received a complimentary bottle for the inconvenience along with the check.




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